2016 Faculty and Seminars


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2016 K9 College Cruise

March 13th-20th

Sailing from Los Angeles

Norwegian Cruise Line Jewell

Cabo San Lucas - Mazatlan - Puerta Vallarta

K9 Seminars at Sea!

Our seminars are for breeders, exhibitors, performance competitors, trainers, judges, and all dog lovers.   A wealth of information is presented by a faculty of experts during the week long cruise.

K9 College Activities

A busy schedule of activities offer something for everyone with lots of opportunities to meet'n-mingle with faculty members and fellow K9 cruisers.

There are NEW venues for 2016 that you won't want to miss!

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 Everybody's Barking About It!

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Seminars at Sea!

Ccutting-edge K9 seminars. A Faculty of world-class experts. Other dog people from around the world.  The best Mexican Riviera ports of call.  A week of luxury cruising. 



Dog Show At Sea!

All New Dog Show at Sea! Stay tuned for more details!


Help Spread the Word!

We need your help to promote the K9 College Cruise and we'll reward you for it!  You can earn a $100 cruise fare credit for every new cruiser you bring on-board.  Just think... if you find 7 people and they each bring a roommate, you'll cruise FREE in a Balcony Cabin!   More info...

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We are working on our new 2016 Cruise flyer watch here for updates!

Earn Cruise Fare Credits!

Help us promote the K9 College Cruise and we'll reward you for it!  Earn a $100 Cruise Fare Credit for each new cruiser you bring on-board.  More...

K9 Community College

Find alternatives to our regular seminars at the Community College.  Casual gatherings on a variety of topics presented by fellow cruisers.  More...

Group Shore Excursions

Enjoy the company of other dog people on our Group Shore Excursions at each port of call.  More...

2016 Faculty and Seminars

 More to come!


Leo B. Siegel, Esq.

Attorney at Law, Expert in K9 Law

 Seminars on delaing with pets in wills and trusts, litigation and contracts

Leo B. Siegel has been licensed as an attorney in the State of California for 32 years. His practice is primarily concentrated in all aspects of Real Estate Law, operating out of Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County and neighboring Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He has also been involved in the AKC canine fancy for 52 years.  Mr. Siegel includes in his practice, however, matters concerning or involving members of the canine fancy.  His clients in this aspect of his practice include owners, breeders, professional handlers, judges of AKC sanctioned events, as well as individual breed and all-breed clubs.  He has drafted numerous contracts between breeders, owners, and co-owners of purebred dogs.  Mr. Siegel may be reached by phone at (831) 768-9110 or by email at leob@legalsiegel.org


Published Article:  "Contracts - Saving Friendships in the Fancy"

PAST SEMINARS:  Seminar on Professional Handlers' Contracts and remedies.

                Seminar on Canine Contracts for the Cavalier King Charles

   Spaniel Club -  USA



 Dana Bleifer

Repro Veterinarian DVM

 Repro Topics

Dr.Dana Bleifer, DVM is the owner and a general practitioner with a special interest in reproduction. She attended the University of California at Davis for both undergraduate studies and post-graduate Veterinary school. She pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Agricultural Sciences, in Upsala, Sweden and the University of Georgia. Dr. Bleifer raises and shows her own Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Holsteiner horses.


Debbie Gross

Exploding into Plyometrics:  Advanced Exercises for Your Sporting Dog Fitness for You and Your Dog

Structural Deficits: What Do you Do Now? 


I believe EVERY dog deserves the best quality of life for the longest time possible – does not matter if they are 8 weeks of age or 18 years of age. Wizard of Paws focuses on that with every animal that walks in the door.

My education started in human physical therapy but while I was going through physical therapy school, I quickly realized that my family dog as well as all other animals could benefit from the science of physical therapy as much as people could.  As I continued with my human physical therapy career, I kept the dream of treating animals in the back of my mind while focusing on the sports medicine and orthopedics. While I was doing this, my quest for animal therapy continued and I studied as much canine anatomy, movement and treatment as I could.

Rachel Paige Elliot and Curtis Brown were and are still some of my favorite authors. I became fascinated with the movement of dogs – both normal and abnormal.  As this fascination grew, so did my desire to work with animals. I started seeing a few dogs per week for various ailments and it quickly grew.

Over the years, I worked at a veterinarian practice and reduced my hours at my human clinic.  At some point, I realized my mind and heart was with the animals and left the human practice.

I have been very fortunate to have so many people support me along my journey – and have made everlasting friends.  Our family owns a multitude of dogs inclusive of Portuguese water dogs, clumber spaniels, a cocker spaniel, a standard poodle, a ‘famous’ bullmastiff, a French bulldog, and a recent loss of a seventeen year old Labrador retriever.  My love for animals has expanded over to my daughters and I could not be more proud. 

I have the most amazing staff – and they follow the same principles inherent in the practice. Every dog deserves a through evaluation, assessment and treatment program. Whether it is that dog competing for best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club or a dog that needs to learn how to walk again – they deserve the best! Our best compliments are referrals from other clients.

Dr Melissa Bain With Fear Free Handling

Truth (and Consequences) in Training and Behavior Modification

Early Influence on Canine Behavior - It's not Just "Socialization"

Dr. Melissa Bain is board-certified by both the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and the American College of Animal Welfare, and is an Associate Professor of Clinical Animal Behavior at the University of California-School of Veterinary Medicine. She received her DVM from the University of Illinois in 1994, and worked in small animal exclusive and mixed animal veterinary practices in the Midwest for four years. After completing her residency in Clinical Animal Behavior at UC Davis, she received a Master’s degree in Advanced Clinical Research from the UC Davis School of Medicine. She is a past-president of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. Her responsibilities include student and resident education in behavior and welfare, clinical case management, and research. Her areas of research focus have been clinical domestic animal behavior problems and human-animal bond issues. She shares her California life with her husband, their son, and their 4-legged family members.


More presenters pending



Community College Presenters

Dr. Ann Greenbank DVM– K9 chiropractic and Acupuncture. Integrating Holistic Care with traditional medicine

Steve Parsons – Canine Photography

More topics and presenters to be announced!



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